Welcome To The Pilates Room San Diego

Welcome to The Pilates Room Downtown San Diego, here you'll enjoy a high level of personal attention and support as you follow an exercise program tailored to your specific requirements. Whatever your age, body type or fitness level; whether you are training for an athletic event, recovering from an injury or illness, or just want to “get in shape”, Pilates is a safe and effective whole body workout.

We have 4 locations serving you:

Pilates Room Downtown San Diego

Pilates Room College Mission Gorge San Diego

Pilates Room Eastlake Chula Vista


Feel free to look around and discover why we have been serving San Diego for over 8 years. I recommend you watch the video above to get the feeling of your studio. If you like what you see click the button on the right side of the screen and LIKE US on FACEBOOK. We will be giving FREE classes, coupons, and deals as we interact with you.

We are here to provide you the Ultimate Fitness Experience. Once you start our program, you body will change so fast that you will be wondering why you haven't tried us before. We have been serving San Diego for over 8 Years striving to offer the best quality in all our classes and ensuring that your personal goals are being achieved.
Our Pilates studio in downtown San Diego is composed of three rooms and one Fitness boutique, all on the same block for your convenience. We offer a variety of Yoga and Pilates Classes in small Groups of people per class providing you both: plenty of attention and affordable prices.

Among the traditional Reformer Pilates classes, Mat Pilates classes, EXO chair Pilates classes (new), and Yoga (heated and non- heated), we also offer our SIGNATURE classes exclusive to The PIlates Room: Power Pilates (Reformer), Pilates Jump Power (Reformer), Pilates Bootcamp (Reformer & Treadmill), Pilates Arms & Abs (Reformer), and Pilates Abs & Buns (Reformer). We Have many Pilates and Yoga classes every day to better fit your busy schedule.
SAVE BIG!!! You don’t need to take a Private Pilates class in order to get started. Our “Pilates For Beginners”, “Pilates All Levels” or “Intro to Power Pilates” classes are designed for beginners and you will get plenty of instruction and attention as you save $$$. Private Pilates classes are also available online.
Our Studio In San Diego has available metered parking right in front of the studio.

Group classes - Includes classes using equipment as Pilates Reformer Classes, Pilates Exo Chair Classes and Pilates Trapeze (AKA Tower and Cadillac)

Private Sessions - You and the instructor

Why you should choose The Pilates Room San Diego?

* Qualified and Experienced Pilates instructors
* Pilates and Yoga Group classes 7 Days a Week
* Excellent Location in little Italy Downtown San Diego
* Parking Available in front (metered)
* We carry The Top Of Line "Allegro" Reformers Pilates machine, voted as the most comfortable Pilates Reformer Machine available in the market. For sure is our clients favorite. Try and see it. * Diversity in Pilates and Yoga classes
In Addition to the Traditional Pilates Reformer Classes,
we also offer our Signature Pilates classes designed for Faster Weight
Loss and Muscle Toning: Power Pilates (Reformer), Pilates Abs & Buns (Reformer), PIlates Arms & Abs (Reformer), Pilates Bootcamp (Reformer + Treadmills)
* 8 Years in Business
*You Can Book Your Pilates Classes Online Click Here!
* We Really Care About You